About us

Manufacture of hospital furniture

We have a fully operational workshop based in Redhill, Limuru where we manufacture all our products. We are also able to fabricate customer designed furniture to meet the end-user’s requirements.

Quality policy

It is the policy of Barfield Hospital Supplies Ltd to manufacture and supply products of a quality standard in order to satisfy the specific needs of our customers by performing all expected functions reliably, accurately and efficiently.

Raw material specifications

All our furniture is made from mild steel with special attention given to using the correct gauges for joints and parts that are weight bearing.

All the furniture is finished using fast dry nitrocellulose paint, which has strong masking quality and does not scratch easily.

We also supply furniture finished in epoxy enamel coating when required as well as 100% stainless steel  or chrome plated designs.

Logistics and service

Delivery reliability is a high priority at Barfield Hospital Supplies Ltd. Our clients must be able to rely on their goods being delivered as agreed i.e the right type, the right quantity and in the agreed delivery period.

Our reliable team of staff focuses constantly on the delivery process. For packaging, we always use materials that ensure that our customers receive their goods undamaged.